Clear Single Sided Biodegradable ID Card Holder

Clear Biodegradable Badge Pass ID Card Holder for lanyard neck straps, work, school, teachers, NHS, office supplies Credit card sized 86x54mm

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Open faced ID Card Holders are a smart, uniform way to keep your ID pass on display at all times.  They can be matched with a variety of badge reels, lanyards and clips.  ID cards will securely clip into these holders.  Accepts cards of the standard size - 86 x 54mm. They are made of a RECYCLABLE material so they are great for your environmental targets and are especially great when combined with our matching retractable keyring badge reels, lanyard neck straps and crocodile lever strap clips. This combination of durability and eco-friendliness ensures your ID pass and cards are securely and safely held, while also allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint. Perfect for businesses looking to support sustainability initiatives and promote a positive corporate image.