Clear Double ID Card Holder

Double sided Identity ID Card Pass Badge Holder CLEAR for Lanyards and Retractable Reels

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An ideal solution for staff, nurses, teachers who need to hold two ID passes

Double Sided ID Card Pass Badge Holder Holds TWO Credit Card Sized ID Cards has slots to attach lanyard neck straps or retractable badge reels OUR NEW BIO BADGE IS MADE FROM AN ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL

They are designed to hold credit card sized cards - 86x54mm

These are a smart idea for work, conferences, events, hen parties, schools and trips. These ID card holders are made of a strong material with slot for attaching clip and two holes for a necklace or Lanyard neck straps. These also go great with our Reels and Yo Yos or are great when paired with an ID Card holder and crocodile strap clip Accepts credit card size identity cards- 86mm x 54mm an are compatible with all of our Lanyard neck straps

Don't forget to check out these and all our other ID card holders, lanyard neck straps, strap clips, staff lanyards in the ID Card It store. Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch