Xinqi Contactless Thermometer

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Non Contact Thermometer

Measurement method -Contact less

Measuring distance - 5cm to 10 cm

Measuring range - 32°C ~ 42.9 °C (89.6 °F~109.2 °F)

Accuracy ± 0.3 °C

Response time 0.5 Sec

Unit of measurement-Celsius (°C)/ Fahrenheit (°F)

High Temperature Screen Flashing Alarm

LED Backlight

An infrared thermometer is a thermometer which infers temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation sometimes called black-body radiation emitted by the object being measured.

They are sometimes called laser thermometers as a laser is used to help aim the thermometer, or non-contact thermometers or temperature guns, to describe the device's ability to measure temperature from a distance.

By knowing the amount of infrared energy emitted by the object and its emissivity, the object's temperature can often be determined within a certain range of its actual temperature. Infrared thermometers are a subset of devices known as "thermal radiation thermometers".